“In all respects, Hear Well Again Centers has exceeded our expectations – both the staff and the product! For example, every four months our hearing aids are cleaned for free and we are given a new supply of hearing aid batteries. It is a pleasure dealing with Hear Well Again Centers and a pleasure to “hear well” again.”

“As a radio personality and professional D.J., my hearing is of utmost importance. I was hesitant about taking the step to get hearing aids, not knowing how well they would work and if they would actually help me. Dr. Craine and his staff did a wonderful job of putting my mind at ease. It is the best move I could have made. I just wish I had gone to Hear Well Again sooner. The hearing aids improved my life immeasurably.”

“Service has always been excellent for about 30 years that I have been coming to Hear Well Again Centers. Personnel are friendly and honest. I have never thought of going to any other Doctor. I would recommend the services at Hear Well Again Centers – also their word is their bond.”

“I switched to Hear Well Again Centers after moving the Philadelphia area.  While I thought my former audiologist was just fine but the service is even better at Hear Well Again Centers.  I moved again but make the drive to remain a client with them.”

“I valued best on an ongoing relationship with my audiologist.  He listened to my concerns and helped a great deal with finding answers for them, the Center’s my advocacy.  I depended on them like they are part of my family.  We have family reunions once a year to check my hearing and aids.” 

“The professionalism, experience, friendliness and patience of Michael Craine and all of his staff was more than I could imagine possible.  His Hear Well Again Center is one that I have recommended to all my friends and I would feel irresponsible allowing anyone I know to try and correct a hearing problem without visiting them before deciding where to turn for help with solving a hearing issue.”

“Any time I have a problem with the hearing aids they have always accommodated me an appointment right away.  My expectations were always positive.  They are always there when you have a problem.  Hear Well Again Centers cannot be beat.  I have really lucked out that I chose them.” 

“I really value the support provided to correct my hearing problems as my hearing problems change over time.”