February 7, 2019
Hearing Loss and Cognitive Impairment

Hearing Loss And Cognition In Young People

Cognition is the activities of thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering. Cognitive decline is a normal part of the aging process. Although it can occur at different
January 22, 2019
Protecting ears in winter

Keeping Your Hearing Healthy During The Winter

The winter season is an exciting time of year full of holiday magic, and for much outdoor snow-filled fun. But, while you’re enjoying all that this
January 7, 2019
Hearing Assistance Dogs

Considering a Hearing Assistance Dog? Here is Some More Information

Service dogs do unbelievable work for their owners. You are probably familiar with dogs who assist owners who are visually impaired and those who comfort patients
January 2, 2019
charity donation

Hear Well Again Centers is Happy to Support the Hearing Health Foundation

As the holiday season ends, we’re reminded of all the things we’re thankful for. Not only are we grateful to support our patients with their hearing
December 19, 2018
noisy toys and hearing loss

Handling Noisy Toys This Holiday Season

If you gathered around with friends and family this Thanksgiving, then it has probably served as a reminder of how loud the noise level can get
December 5, 2018
Cochlear implant for hearing loss

What You Should Know About Cochlear Implants for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is more common than ever before. Millions of people of all ages have been diagnosed with hearing loss in the United States alone. While

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