For more than forty years I’ve told patients that no one has ever seen me for a new hearing aid because it is cool. Now this may be changing.

Celebrate – Its Technology

Even small talk is a big thing

Speech has always been a priority at Sonic, and Celebrate makes no exception.

Speech Variable Processing preserves the soft nuances in spoken words for better understanding.

Speech Priority Noise Reduction works to separate speech from surrounding noise while the new Speech Priority.

Volume Control “turns up” the volume of the speech frequencies patients want to hear.

And new Reverb Reduction helps control the lingering “ring” that sounds can take on in large spaces like assembly halls or places of worship.

Make the most of every environment

Celebrate includes features for every other type of venue, too. Environment Classification automatically analyzes incoming sounds binaurally and adjusts the features and amplification to address that situation.

Going away? The Airplane Environment specifically addresses the challenges of a noisy airplane cabin so patients can enjoy the company of a companion (or communicate with a flight attendant). You can even configure a Custom Environment with just the right features and amplification for a patient’s unique listening situation.

No complaints about the noise

The features in Celebrate practically tell distractions to “keep it down” so patients can concentrate on what they want to hear. Sophisticated directional systems hone in on the source of a sound and help reduce unwanted noise while Impulse Noise Reduction suppresses unanticipated sounds like clinking silverware or jangling keys.

Soft Noise Reduction minimizes background distractions like a whirring fan or humming refrigerator, and Wind Noise Reduction makes time outdoors more enjoyable.

Since few noises are more distracting than feedback, patients will appreciate the Adaptive Feedback Canceller which removes offending signals and attacks feedback before it starts.

A high-note feature

Here’s some extra attention for listeners with limited high-frequency cochlear function. Frequency Transfer compresses high-frequency input and “shifts” it to frequencies with better hearing to improve overall audibility of speech cues.

Celebrate Everyday Connectivity

Add accessories to the wireless compatible Celebrate hearing instruments and enjoy the connectivity conveniences that make today’s modern living fund and hassle-free.

Wireless Connectivity with SoundGate

A hearing instrument isn’t the only important instrument in your life. Mobile phones, MP3 players, PCs, and television are likely part of your everyday routine. SoundGate helps you hear them all—right through your hearing aids.

Your hearing instruments already help you hear sounds coming from different sources. But imagine if your favorite music wasn’t playing from 10 feet away — it’s streaming directly into your hearing aids. That’s the concept behind the SoundGate device. It’s like having personal speakers for your ears.

The wireless hub for your hearing instruments®

The heart of our wireless system, SoundGate is the digital “go-between” connecting external devices with your hearing instruments. It’s a small, portable accessory that turns your hearing aids into personal “speakers” for the TV, your phone, or in assistive listening environments.

Built for Bluetooth®

For example, SoundGate allows you to connect with any device that’s already Bluetooth® enabled – like your mobile phone or a digital audio player. Just click a button on SoundGate to transmit the audio through your hearing aids. You keep the SoundGate device in your pocket or wear it around your neck so its microphone can pick up your voice for hands-free phone calls.

The convenience of remote control

It’s possible to change programs and volume levels with a discrete click of a button instead of reaching for the controls on your hearing aids themselves.

Connect to Other External Devices

SoundGate works as an interface between Bluetooth® – enabled devices like mobile phones or any digital music player. But you can connect to other audio sources that aren’t Bluetooth® – compatible using SoundGate and optional accessories. Learn about the TV Adapter and Phone Adapter that work in conjunction with SoundGate.

SoundLink App for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones

The SoundLink App1) along with SoundGate 3 and all Sonic wireless hearing instruments let you change volume, programs, and listening sources right on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Discreet, convenient, and comfortable hearing right at your fingertips.

1) SoundLink App for iPhone runs on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4, and requires Sonic wireless hearing aids and SoundGate 3 with firmware 3.1 or later. SoundLink App for Android smartphones requires Sonic wireless hearing aids and SoundGate 3 with firmware 3.1 or later.

*With available financing after $200 down, you can purchase this cool hearing aid with convenient monthly payments. Subject to credit approval.

Sonic Enchant

Enchant is available in a variety of styles so patients can select what is right for them. Enchant is responsive and rechargeable. With the SoundDNA platform, Enchant delivers daily sounds using powerful technologies that automatically detect and adapt to the auditory world, keeping speech clear, noise to a minimum, and sound interactions remarkably natural.

Personalize Enchant Custom models with these selectable options:

  • Battery size
  • Fitting level
  • NFMI and/or 2.4 GHz wireless communications
  • Push-button and/or volume control wheel
  • Telecoil and/or Auto Telephone detection

Enchant MiniRITE

Enchant MiniRITE T

Enchant BTE 105

Enchant utilizes Made for iPhone® technology so you can stream audio directly to your devices. Additional wireless accessories open a new world of possibilities both at home and out on the town. Before long, Enchant will change the way you view hearing aids and can help you to live a life in full audio.

Signia Charge&Go

Signia’s longer-lasting Pure® Charge&Go keeps going with you. True to its name, Pure Charge&Go can be fully charged while you sleep so that it’s always ready to go when you are.

The Signia Charge&Go rechargeable hearing aids allow users with active lifestyles to enjoy the things they love; the great outdoors with friends, conducting long business meetings, listening to your favorite podcast or music — no matter how much activity and work you like to pack into your day, Charge&Go is made to last.

The Charge&Go is small, discrete and sophisticated and tackles most levels of hearing loss. The hearing aid features include:

  • Sleek design
  • Wireless charging
  • High-capacity lithium-ion power
  • Streaming from your iPhone through the myControl™ App (and if you don’t have a smartphone, the miniPocket™ also provides highly convenient remote control.)
  • And more!